With you there is an experience of a balance between your care and respect for other, and I have a trust that you’re not going to hide what needs to be said. Your bring a quality of a balance between Yin and Yang and your quality of care and respect for others includes a trust that they will be able to handle themselves and with that trust comes a comfort.
Beth Gold is an incredible coach. I continue to be amazed by the way she listens to me— showing up with such presence, kindness, and insight that I don’t get anywhere else. I often come to Beth with a lot of ideas and thoughts that can feel overwhelming, and she so naturally helps me get the core of what’s happening for me, and then with that new clarity takes me one step further by showing me a new way to relate WITH my experience, rather than being stuck inside of it. I’m beyond grateful for the insight, depth, and laughter I get to have with her. She’s the real deal! And because of her, my life has more richness and fullness than I had previously thought possible.
— Mel
There’s a quality of detail that you bring to our interactions that feels unique to me. You have a way of being that’s real and honest and can deliver in a compassionate way.
— Josh
I notice a particular quality of love that I feel from you...I can be exactly as I am, and I feel very met by you. I feel warmed, and supported by you. You are available, accepting, and nurturing. You see the beauty in others, and the world, and yourself.
— Jason

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