Returning Home

A Course in Cultivating and Embracing your Intuition

This 6-week program is for women who yearn to come back to themselves in order to feel more confident in their decisions, more empowered in their relationships, and like they’re living according to their Highest Vibration.

Listening and Learning

Learning to trust your intuition means learning to listen. We will work together to help you feel grounded, and tuned in to yourself so that you can “hear” what your higher self is guiding you towards.

Letting the Cycles Lead You

When you stay connected with the rhythm and cycles of the universe, your inner compass will feel a sense of grounded intelligence. What does this look like on a daily basis?

  • Following the lunar cycle and honoring her wisdom and intelligence

  • Connecting with and honoring your own body’s cycle

  • Cultivating the fruits of the seasons — each season gifts us with possibility. Understanding the deeper

The Art of Divination

Speaking your Truth

Going from “I don’t know” to “Yes” or “No”.

Communication Tools

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