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Tuning into your Desire
Working with Individuals

Life may be full of challenges, discovery, trauma, heartache, stress, and so much more. Many of us didn't have ideal role models to learn the communication tools necessary for successful relationships. Often, people don't know what they want in partnership because they don't have access to their desires, and end up settling, or in unhappy and unfulfilling relationships.

Having a healthy, authentic relationship starts with YOU!

I'm here to help you get the tools you need speak your truth and achieve the results you want in love.

Tending to your Relationship
Counseling for Couples

For couples who choose relationship as a path of growth, it is essential to find the right tools for your partnership to communicate well, make it through major transitions, and sustain a healthy relationship for decades.

No matter which phase of relationship you are in, I will customize a specific brand of tools for you as a couple. I work with newly coupled, long time partners, and those who are separating.

Let's work together to ensure you have a healthy, loving relationship through every phase.

Local and Virtual Events
Current Offerings:

Returning Home: a virtual course for women who yearn to come back to themselves in order to feel more confident in their decisions, more empowered in their relationships, and like they’re living according to their Highest Vibration.


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