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Relationship Coaching for Fulfilling Partnerships

I view relationship as a path of growth. It is in our relationships that we have the greatest opportunity to heal, evolve, and transform our old beliefs into new, better possibilities. Through my work as a coach, I have met many couples who haven't reached their fullest potential in communication or connection. They lack vulnerability with each other, and the tools to navigate well. Whether you’ve just met or have been married for years let’s work together to ensure that you are set up for success.

Intentional Partnership Cultivation

Why wait to start getting support to when you’re in a crisis, or have developed a lot of unhealthy patterns? Get support early so that you can prevent unnecessary problems from the beginning. Consider investing in your relationship by setting up preventative measures (like a support system) to ensure that you have the right foundation and tools to have a healthy relationship.

Cooperative Partnership

Perhaps you’ve been been with your partner for some time, and are noticing that you keep having the same fights over and over. Maybe you are frustrated with your partner’s actions, maybe you’re considering separating. We can work together on a variety of topics including:

  • Effective Communication

  • Building/Repairing Trust

  • Fueling the Fire of Intimacy

  • Productive Conflict Resolution

  • Creating Shared Agreements

  • Making Decisions

Troubleshooting Transitions

Life transitions happen all the time and can have a huge impact on a relationship.

Examples of life transitions include:

  • Moving in together,

  • Starting a new job/a career shift,

  • having a child

  • A child moving away from home

  • Getting divorced

  • Experiencing a death in the family

One or both of you may experience:

  • Distant/disconnection from feelings

  • Anxiety or moodiness

  • Sensitivity

  • Challenges communicating with other family members including children

Conscious Uncoupling/Separations

If you have determined that you and your partner are not the right match for each other, and you wish to separate in a healthy, connected way, I would love to support you in your uncoupling process.

Let's work together to help you figure out what's blocking you from attaining your ideal relationships.


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